Best Lottery to play
Best Lottery to play

Are you interested in Group Play? 

Find out what Syndicates are, how they work and why they are a fun, sociable and potentially profitable way to play your favourite lotteries. 


What is a Syndicate:

Syndicate/ Group Play is when a group of players purchase lottery tickets collectively to cover more number combinations for a fraction of the cost. For example, playing in a Syndicate of 100 players, purchasing 300 tickets collectively, will increase your chances of winning, as you will benefit from all the tickets purchased, while reducing the individual cost of your entry.

Any winnings are then shared in proportion to the number of members and tickets purchased by each member in the Syndicate. To receive a larger portion of a pay out, players can purchase multiple shares in a Syndicate. 

It is therefore important to assign a Syndicate Manager, who will be responsible for collecting payments from all the members, purchasing the lottery tickets and to ensure any winnings are evenly distributed throughout the group. It is strongly advised that the manager draws up a Syndicate agreement in order to keep track of various details such as who is taking part, who has paid their entry fees ahead of each draw and what percentage of the prize each person will receive when the Syndicate wins a prize. 


Why choose to play in a Syndicate:

Syndicates improve your odds of winning the jackpot or higher prizes, this is because you have more tickets entered into the draw and if one ticket wins big, it gets split between the Syndicate members.


How to create a Syndicate:

You can create and manage your own Syndicate, or you can join a Syndicate online, their service will do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is decide on the lottery you would like to play and pay for your Syndicate membership fee. Should your online group win, the Syndicate service will contact you and transfer your percentage of the prize directly into your membership account that you can withdraw. 

Playing the lottery in a Syndicate is one of the most effective ways to play the lottery, it increases your odds of winning some mega cash, this is if you don’t mind sharing that mega cash with other members in your Syndicate. 


Top Rated Lottery Syndication Sites 

Want to be part of the most premium Syndicates and instantly increase your odds of winning the Lottery?

Below are the top 3 rated lottery Syndication sites that offer the best lottery experience, sign-up deals and customer service:  

  1. Lottosocial
  2. LottoChimp
  3. The Lotter